You can also get acne on your body–it does not just happen on the face. But wherever it happens to occur, it still needs treatment to get it under control. The advice in this articles will assist you in discovering the best way to deal with your acne.

Apply ice as soon as you notice that you have a pimple forming. Wrap it in a paper towel to prevent further skin damage. Ice can decrease both redness and inflammation. Also, ice can numb any painful blemishes you may have. Ice is an excellent anti-inflammatory and makes a good alternative to other medications when treating acne. Those contain chemicals which could exacerbate the acne problem more.

A good treatment for acne is to use skin-care products that contain salicylic acid. Any skin care product that contains salicylic acid (otherwise known as beta hydroxy acid), causes the skin to shed its cells more quickly.

Some prescription medication can cause skin outbreaks. The use of prescription medications might actually make acne worse because of the hormones they contain. If you feel that your medicine is the cause of your acne troubles, consult your doctor about alternatives or solutions.

If you do happen to get a pimple, don’t pick at it. Picking at them will cause bacteria to spread, which can lead to even more blemishes. You are also taking the risk of leaving a scar.

Caffeine is notorious for causing acne, so it is important to moderate your intake of coffee, teas and sodas. By reducing your caffeine intake, you may be able to limit breakouts.

You can experience acne in many locations on your body, as it is not limited to only your face. By reviewing the information provided here, you will be able to utilize the correct treatment to get rid of it. Acne can be treated, and with continued treatment, it can eventually fade away.

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