Finding Rosacea Help And Cures

Sufferers today have a variety of sources for roacea help and cures. Treatments are available from medical professionals. Alternative health practitioners also offer a wealth of roacea remedies. Roacea can be treated, but a complete cure eludes most people. Often, the best help will only slow the progress.

Roacea usually starts with facial redness, particularly on the cheeks. It may also appear around the nose, chin, or forehead areas. The scalp, or other upper body regions, may also be affected. At first, roacea looks like the person is blushing, until the skin becomes permanently red. Many individuals experience itching, burning, or rashes. Eventually, little bumps or pimples develop, blood vessels become visible, and eyes become irritated and look watery. In the worst cases, the skin on and around the nose thickens, leading a bulbous and bumpy appearance.

Are we immunine from Rosacea?

Although no one is immune to roacea, it favors fair-skinned people, especially women who blush easily. When roacea targets men, it usually manifests the severest symptoms. Doctors use four classifications, or sub-types, depending on where the break-outs occur and their appearance. Diagnosis is made by expert observation, as conclusive tests do not yet exist.

Roacea help depends significantly on what triggers flare-ups, which differ among individuals. Known causes include stress, certain foods, sudden temperature changes, caffeine, bacteria or specific mites, some prescription drugs, or personal care products. Alcohol may aggravate the disease, but does not originally cause it.

Life style changes can significantly reduce discomfort. Experts suggest keeping a diary, noting activities and foods consumed just prior to a roacea flare-up. Learning personal triggers substantially alleviates symptoms. Meticulous skin care with gentle, non-irritating formulations is a must.

More on Rosacea

Roacea is a chronic and progressive ailment, but once eating habits and activities are modified, temporary “cures” are possible. Doctors often prescribe antibiotics, usually as a cream to be applied to the afflicted area. Other, stronger, medications are available for the most severe roacea cases, and must be closely monitored.

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